Residential electricity demand in India

Collaborators: Sashikiran C. (PhD student at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore)

The goal of this project is to build a statistically representative and detailed residential electricity demand model for India. We use the Indian Human Development Survey (2005 and 2012) to build appliance ownership profiles for different income categories, socio-economic classes and regions. These appliance ownership profiles will be used to build a model to project residential electricity demand and the role of income growth, technological change, climatic regions, quality of supply in demand projections. A follow-up study will use surveys, both primary and secondary, to develop statistical profiles for time of use of appliances and other energy service demands. These will be combined to build a residential demand model with both spatial detail and temporal resolution that can be used to analyse issues like demand response, role of distributed generation like rooftop solar, storage, electric vehicles etc.

This project forms a part of Sashi’s PhD thesis.